Loui Blake

Loui Blake is an award-winning marketer & entrepreneur, and founder of the UK’s largest plant-based restaurant Erpingham House, and central London restaurant brand Kalifornia Kitchen. His interest in the plant-based & sustainability space has seen him speak at London school of economics, University college London & Goldsmiths university, as well as corporate engagements for Wagamama, Aviva, Innocent drinks & the global restaurant investment forum. He recently won Future marketing leader of the year at Restaurant marketer & innovator awards, topping the 30 under 30 list. 

“I believe through veganism we can create a healthier & more conscious planet, and that business can play a pivotal role in helping more people discover & maintain a vegan lifestyle. Im passionate about reimagining business as a purposeful entity to solve problems, helping people to recognise veganism as a viable solution for many of the world's biggest problems and understand the roles, responsibilities and opportunities we have as consumers, entrepreneurs & people.”

Loui mainly publishes content via Instagram (@LouiBlake) & twitter (@Loui_Blake), where has has amassed 32,000 & 26,000 followers respectively. The restaurant websites are: