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I am a London-based entrepreneur, speaker & investor with a keen interest in hospitality, wellness & sport. After living in New York & Mexico City in my late teens, I setup my first proper business in the U.K aged 20 & have since relentlessly pursued my passions to create businesses that solve problems, develop opportunities & try to make the world a better place.

After suffering chronic fatigue in my mid-20s, I discovered a plant-based diet & overhauled my lifestyle.

I then became incredibly interested in health, wellness & sustainability, completely re-purposing my business to be of service in this space.

Leveraging my knowledge of hospitality marketing & foreseeing the growing demand for vegan food, I worked with a number of food & hospitality brands, whilst I began public speaking, creating digital content and consulting on plant-based business.

I decided to create my own spaces and since 2017 I've opened a number of vegan restaurants, pubs & kitchens, including the U.K's largest fully plant-based restaurant. In addition to this, I founded one of the largest independent football academies in the U.K. & large indoor sports facility.

I love public speaking & have been fortunate to speak at London School Of Economics, University College London, Goldsmiths University, NEMO Amsterdam & deliver keynotes at a number of conferences/events in hospitality & veganism.

I won the 2019 European RMI Future Marketing Leader of the year, topping the 30 under 30 list & have been featured in The Guardian, Time Out, BBC news & Forbes.

"I believe through business we can create a healthy & more conscious planet, and that restaurants can play a pivotal role in helping more people discover & maintain a healthy lifestyle.
I'm passionate about delivering exceptional hospitality and memorable experiences that redefine how people think about food."

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