Loui Blake is a plant-based entrepreneur, speaker & angel investor. Starting out in football & then nightlife, a switch to a plant-based diet in 2015 caused Loui to refocus his attention on businesses that make a positive impact on the world through food.

Loui is the founder of the award-winning Erpingham House, the U.K's largest vegan restaurant, and a number of casual dining concepts. In 2020 Loui & partners setup Gamechangers investments, designed to provide opportunities to the hospitsality industry, with a portfolio of brands operating across the U.K, USA & UAE.

Passionate about alternative proteins & seeing the growing demand for cleaner food technology, Loui has invested in a number of alternative protein start-ups, included Club Cultured, Miami Foods & The Pack. Further early-stage investments include Dirtea, Embargo & Scription. Loui became CEO of Miami Foods in June 2022.

Maintaining a keen interest in sport, Loui co-founded Future Football Elite CIC, an academy football programme based in the U.K. In 2020, Loui & partners opened The Arena, a 18,000 square foot warehouse space with 4 indoor football pitches, a gym & cafe.

A popular speaker, Loui has spoken at London school of economics, University college London, Goldsmiths university & NEMO Amsterdam, as well as a number of conferences around the world on hospitality, food tech & entrepreneurship.

Loui won the 2019 European RMI future marketing leader of the year, topping the 30 under 30 list. He has been featured in publications including The Telegraph, CNN, BBC news & Forbes.


"I believe through business we can create a healthier & more conscious planet, and that conscious business can play a pivotal role in helping more people discover & maintain a healthy, sustainable lifestyle."

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