49% of millennials predict Veganism will be the next big restaurant trend

Last week a survey came across my desk that got me more excited than it perhaps should have. The survey in question, commission by Planday (the software i use to communicate with employees) and YouGov, showed a number of interesting outcomes. The survey asked 2000 people across the UK a number of questions about the future of the dining economy, and sought the ascertain the key restaurant trends of the next 2 years. The results prompted a truly exciting outcome where food trends in particular are concerned; “consumers are turning away from fast food & embracing more sustainable, healthy options.”

49% of those questioned predicted vegan restaurants will be the most in demand in the next 2 years. Now, on the basis that as much as 1 in 7 people are vegan, this would still suggest that even those who don’t currently adopt a vegan lifestyle are seeing the growth in demand of these types of foods. In fact, the survey found that 75% of millennials thought at least vegan, vegetarian or foods with good environmental credentials would be the most in demand, which in light of the recently well reported environmental crisis, makes for good reading.

Nearly half (47%) of those asked cited food waste as their top sustainability priority, demonstrating that we’re entering an age where, despite the significant diversity & scale of foods now available, younger generations are being more conscious of their consumption. Only 11% indicated that sustainability didn’t matter to them.

My statement on the results read as follows: “The results of this survey absolutely reflect what we are starting to see and are responding to with our two vegan restaurants, Erpingham House in Norfolk and soon to open Kalifornia Kitchen in London.  For us it is about listening to what the customer wants and delivering the highest quality food and service we can. We are thoroughly embracing the popularity of delivery services like Deliveroo, adjusting our menu slightly to ensure that we offer a menu where the food will travel well and not offering deliveries when it will put too much pressure on the restaurant to service in-house and external orders. We also know how important sustainability is to our customers and how crucial it is that we clearly communicate all the steps we take, from using Vegware plastics to carbon offsetting schemes, to reassure our customers that both we, and they, are dining without costing the earth.”

To read the survey results in full, visit https://www.planday.com/blog/planday-survey-explores-millennial-dining-trends/